eMarketing Solutions

Print eMarketing Solutions SamplesWhen it comes to eMarketingAgentpoint offers clients an easy to use and practical solution. Our clients are busy people and Agentpoint understands that. So we designed an eMarketing system that sits on the same platform as your property listings. There’s no need to juggle multiple systems or to waste precious time transferring information from one product to another.

Agentpoint’s CRM sits seamlessly alongside the CMS allowing contact and property information to be combined to make eMarketing a breeze. Knowledge of multiple systems and associated staff training is no longer required. With Agentpoint there is only one system that can be learned easily and quickly.

Zoo Property eCampaigns

Zoo Property eCampaignsZoo Property eCampaigns are a new and exciting Agentpoint development. Innovatively developed, the beauty of the Agentpoint product lies in the simplicity of use. Clients can easily create HTML based email campaigns to maintain regular contact with their clients while showcasing their listings. The state of art reporting system allows clients to monitor the success of their eMarketing campaigns while providing valuable lead opportunities.

eCampaigns features:

  • Tailor your own Email template design
  • Choice of multiple stylish templates
  • Customised, branded templates available upon quote
  • Agency branding
  • Newsletter section to communicate with your clients
  • Choose Featured Properties, Current Listings, Sold Properties, Rental Listings
  • Links to Social Media, Articles & Blogs
  • Multiple Mailing Groups
  • eCampaign Tracking & Analytics
  • Save, Edit & Duplicate eCampaigns
  • Contact Tracking
  • Listing Tracking

Types of eCampaigns

  • eProperty Updates – eProperty updates are the most popular Agentpoint eCampaign. Fast and easy to create, Agents can create an Ecampaign in minutes to send to their list of contacts and the monitor the results. Update your clients with the latest real estate news, show them your latest listings or recently sold properties, direct them to your latest article or blog and provide them with the opportunity to engage with your social media profile. You have full control over the properties that you showcase, your branding and colours, and the contacts the campaign is sent to. eProperty Updates are an ideal solution for the Agent needing to provide regular updates to their contacts while maintaining a personal touch.

  • eProperty Alerts – eProperty Alerts are automatic property alerts that can be sent out by the office or individual agent. The same templates and functionality as eProperty Updates are used however the emails are set to be sent automatically. Contact property criteria is saved under their profile and this is matched to the listing. Contacts will receive an email only if there are listings that match their criteria. You have the ability to control how close listings must be to the contact criteria.

  • eMarkerking – eMarketing campaigns are designed to allow you to communicate with contacts. These marketing campaigns do not include properties; instead, these campaigns allow you to send your contacts other forms of information. You have the freedom to load text and images and can select the contacts that the campaign is sent to. eMarketing campaigns are ideal for the office to send general information in a newsletter form. Agents can inform their contacts of recent successes, charity events, real estate news and upcoming events.

  • eBrochures – An eBrochure is a HTML based brochure that can be created and sent for an individual listing. You can choose which mailing groups or contacts it is sent to and also have the ability to send the brochure only to contacts who have a alert criteria matching the property the eBrochure has been created for. eBrochures are an ideal way for agents to inform their contacts of updates to their property listings such a new listing, upcoming auction or price reduction. An eBrochure can be created either through the property listing and selecting the eBrochure option or through the eMarketing section in Agentpoint.


The cost to use the eMarketing component is $70 + GST per month and includes unlimited eMarketing (with no email limits) capability from the system.

There is also a one off $200 + GST setup fee. This covers:

  1. Creating a header and footer image and loading this into your eMarketing.
  2. Generating one of the eMarketing templates and sending a live campaign to the client. This then allows the client to duplicate the template moving forward
  3. Telephone training for up to 30 mins