Contacts & Lead Management

Contacts & Lead ManagementClient relationship management is a key aspect in running a real estate agency. There are many solutions available in the real estate space. These all vary slightly with strong individual selling points appealing to an agent’s requirements. Often a solution which is ideal for one agent or agency is not suitable for another and it can be difficult to find a product that best meets all of the agency needs.

For this reason Agentpoint has created our own CRM system. Our solution can include integrating your website with other real estate and non real estate CRM systems. Agentpoint gives you the freedom to choose the CRM system which will best suit the needs of you and your real estate agency.

Website CRM Solution

Agentpoint websites include web contact forms that require site browsers to complete a form for any type of enquiry. All information captured through your website can be remitted back into the Contacts section in Zoo Property. The information entered by the client at the time of enquiry is transferred into the Zoo CRM where it is stored alongside your other contacts. This automatic transfer of information means that agents are no longer required to juggle multiple Contact databases.

The benefits of this are:

  • Your email address is withheld meaning it won’t be picked up by spam bots
  • The form is submitted and details saved to the database
  • You receive an email with the enquiry
  • Details are remitted back into Zoo Property and a Contact is created in the Zoo CRM.
  • Users can submit property and news alert criteria
  • All Contacts are stored in one easily maintained and accessible database

Zoo Property CRM Solution

When Agentpoint created their Zoo CRM system they had one goal in mind: to create an easy to use, seamless system that allowed Agents to store and maintain their contact details in one database while maintaining ultimate flexibility and functional integration with an eMarketing system. And we’ve succeeded. The Agentpoint Zoo CRM system provides an innovative solution for agents to manage their contacts with full accessibility to an effective and flexible eMarketing System.

Carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed CRM systems have never been so vital to an agents real estate business. To maintain pace as market leaders in the competitive real estate industry agents not only need their Contacts in an easily accessible format but also need to be able to contact their clients quickly and in a professional style that stands out from the rest.

The Agentpoint Zoo CRM system allows agents to create and manage Contacts according to the type of user they are: Potential Purchaser, Existing Vendor etc.

Buying and leasing criteria can be set. The Notes section showcases the interaction between the Agency and the Contact by displaying the Contact’s alerts, properties they’ve viewed, contracts submitted, offers submitted, properties they own or have owned and more. Reminders of notes and dates can be set in the individual Contact details ensuring that important dates, notes and anniversaries are not overlooked.

Contacts may be assigned to individual or multiple agents via the accessibility field and added to multiple categories. Agencies can create Mailing Groups and assign the Contact to one or multiple Mailing Groups.

HTML based email alerts, stock lists and other Ecampaigns from the Agentpoint Zoo System can be sent to specific contacts or allocated mailing groups.

The email tracking software provides full details of who the campaign was sent to, the contacts that engaged and forwarded the campaign and what sections of the email the Contacts clicked. Emails that bounced are identified providing the Agent with the opportunity to update their Contacts details. All Agentpoint Zoo Ecampaigns are fully compliant with spam requirements and provide a clear unsubscribe feature that automatically updates the Contact database.

Gone are the days when you simply email PDF’s and full content to your database. You need to encourage your database to engage with you. With the Agentpoint solution Contacts are drawn back to the agent website and listings. Our Emarketing system drives traffic back to your website where they can see more about your business, your properties and hopefully engage through your blogs or other website widgets.

Read more about the Ecampaigns solutions we have available on our Emarketing page.

Third Party CRM Solutions

Agentpoint knows the importance of flexibility. To help our clients who already have established systems we have built syncs from Zoo Property with other CRM systems allowing agents the freedom to choose. The data collected on your website can be passed seamlessly onto your own CRM system. Some popular CRM systems where contacts are remitted include Irealty, MyDesktop, BOOM and Complete Data. A full list of 3rd party companies Agentpoint can work with can be found here.