Real Estate Office Intranet Website

Regardless of the size of your real estate agency, you need an effective and secure means by which you can easily share documents, minutes, memo’s and have ongoing discussions with your stuff. At Agentpoint we’ve developed an ideal and cost effective solution for real estate office Intranets. By utilising the functions of WordPress we can create a secure environment where you can:

  • Have forum like discussions – where material is posted and then team members can discuss the topic and post comments.
  • Post Documents which can be Downloaded – you can make sure team members are always using the most up to date forms while performing their duties.
  • Minutes and Memos from Staff Meetings – team members can always look back at past meetings to view what was discussed or follow up
  • Post Office News – Keep staff up-to-date with the latest news and information which is relevant to them. You can also have the ability so users can post comments about news which has been added.
  • What’s On – You can include a calendar with all upcoming events allowing team members to plan their schedules and confirm whether they can attend or not.
  • Team Profiles – Each team member can update their profile and contact details along with role and tasks so other team members can understand their role or easily contact them.

Each user of your team will be provided with their own login details where they can manage their profile and post replies and comments under their name. Administrators of the site are granted a higher level of access allowing them to manage other users and Intranet content.