Lead Capture

Lead Capture is software that is sent a bcc copy of all property enquiries made through the leading real estate portals. The software then processes these enquiries saving all the information in the email into our database. The person making the enquiry will then receive an auto-reply thanking them for the inquiring indicating a representative from your office will be in contact with them shortly.

The information collected in relation to the leads can then be exported from Lead Capture and imported into your chosen CRM database system. You can then market to or follow up with that database as you like.

Lead Capture also collects the total number of weekly views your listings receive on real estate portals providing you with a weekly summary email outlining enquiries and page views per real estate portal.

A Listing Marketing Report is then generated for every one of your properties which provides your vendor with details in relation to the number of enquiries and page views their property has received from the various real estate portals.

Why use Lead Capture?

  • All property enquiries are automatically captured
  • Property seekers receive an automated reply within 10 minutes of making an enquiry
  • Property seekers are subscribed to your database if they do not opt out
  • Leads can then be exported and imported to your CRM
  • Reduces time and data entry errors with processing enquiries
  • View stats in relation to source of your email enquiries
  • View stats in relation to the number of views on real estate portals
  • Receive a Listing Marketing Report for each property for your vendors
  • Receive a weekly email report summarising total enquiries and property views from portals

How it works?

  1. Capture – Lead Capture is automatically sent a copy of your property enquiries from realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, realestateview.com.au, thehomepage.com.au, realcommercial.com.au and commercialrealestate.com.au. Our software then processes these enquiries saving all the details from the enquiry into our database. You can then export the leads via a csv file and import them into your CRM database. Alternatively, for some CRM systems we can automatically send them your leads.
  2. Communicate – You can choose to enable an auto-reply to be sent to property seekers who have enquired about your listings. This auto reply can be adjusted to suit your needs, allowing you to provide the lead with links to your agency website or further information about your service. This provides a prompt and professional first communication for the property seekers and your brand.
  3. Report – We track the source of all property enquiries along with the number of views a listing receives on each of the real estate portals. This information is then presented in a Listing Marketing Report for each property outlining the enquiries and page views over the past 7 days and throughout the marketing campaign. These reports can be added to your Vendor Reports as you can provide a link (or pdf) to your vendors.
  4. Analyse – Receive a weekly email highlighting a breakdown between sales and rentals showing the number of property views and enquiries generated from each real estate portal. We also provide graphs and tables comparing this data for all of your listings, allowing you to view the ROI for your marketing spend between the different real estate portals.

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