Skyrocket Your Agency's Growth 
& Delight Your Landlords With An Allied 
Console + 'Agentbox Sales CRM' Solution

 Scale Your Property Agency

The fact is, the real estate game is competitive and it isn't getting easier. 

Arm your agency with a comprehensive suite of modules and features that help you win sales more often, from sales intelligence to targeted prospecting tools and a powerful mobile app.

By winning more deals your agency will grow, and the whole business will win.

"Agentbox allows us to do what we should be doing best, which is getting on the phones, listing, negotiating and selling."


 Grow Your Agency 
& Delight Your Landlords Today

Used by 60 of REB's Top 100 Sales Agents, Agentbox facilitates clarity between sales + property management,  
helps you serve landlords better across your agency and unlocks unique, best-in-class sales insights.

What do my sales team & principal need to know?

  • Agentbox is ranked #1 by Australia's Top 100 Agents
  • Easily track your targets and report on business performance
  • Manage multiple offices on one platform
  • Save time and money processing commissions
  • Make every customer experience exceptional and effortless
  • Get personalised training and product support
Discover How Agentbox Grows Agencies

Leasing + Sales Working Together

By using the two leading property CRMs, Console (Property Management) and Agentbox (Sales), you'll put your agency in a position to ensure opportunities don't slip through the cracks. 

Agentbox allows you to share information easily within your business to delight your landlords through communicating with them regularly so that when they're ready to sell a property the sales side of your business is front of mind.

Discover How Agentbox Grows Agencies