Below is a checklist that must be complete before you mark the site as completed and hand off to your project manager
  • Please supply us the link to the website you are referring to.
  • Supply us with your direct email address
  • Supply the name of the Theme used
  • Let us know how we can improve the process for our themes or software for future releases.
    Please check that these are working correctly and are styling correctly
    Check to make sure all pop up windows (email to self, email to friend, print) are error free and are styled correctly
    Please check that properties and agents with missing photos have a correct image replacement (size and styled) if a property or agent does not have a valid photo
    Check to make sure their are no errors in any pages (footer, header, pop up windows, wordpress admin)
    Check to make sure footer links are all working and directing to pages correctly, also check to make sure that we have fresh Google Analytics code in footer
    Use to check for any broken links on website and correct any errors
    Check to make sure any elements that we control are HTML Valid
    Check to make sure that all supported browsers (IE7,8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) are compatible with this site, check main page, blog pages, search results page and property page.
  • Please list any things that are still needed for completion