Before You Bid - Building and Pest Reports

Make more money and enhance customer service by providing Building and Pest Reports.
With Before You Bid pty ltd (BYB) our NEW Agentpoint partner!

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What can Before You Bid do for You?

Before You Bid provides:

  • High quality and insured inspectors (and you can recommend your own!)
  • Industry leading share-cost models for interested parties and vendors
  • Automate the monetisation of your database using your existing partners

BYB can help you with several aspects of your business

assist sales before you bid

Assisting Sales

Top agents are beginning to provide Building and Pest inspection / Strata reports upfront with their properties. This extra customer service will have you stand out as well as reduce the risk of an issue coming up during the sales / cooling off period

increase web traffic before you bid

Increase Website Traffic

With these options available you provide MORE to your customers and they have MORE reason to go to and stay on your website!

more money before you bid

More Income

You can gain income through customers purchasing extra services!

What will it look like?

starrr partners real estate before you bid

You choose where to feature a simple button display within your For Sale Property pages

stockdale leggo before you bid

You choose the design, colour and more.
Then we do it for you!

lj hooker before you bid

Join and Set Up. With Agentpoint it is 100% FREE!

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  2. 2Quick Set Up – We insert a code in your site and you are ready to go!
  3. 3Get Results – Once it is set up you can start providing clients the option to purchase Building/Pest and Strata Reports and receive the benefits during your sales campaign