How do I cancel a service subscription with Agentpoint? - Agentpoint

We have a formal process in place at Agentpoint for how our clients can adjust or cancel their subscription with Agentpoint.  

This helps with the transition around products and also allows both parties to understand and agree on dates, responsibilities and the arrangement moving forward.


We require 28 days notice to cancel or amend your subscription with Agentpoint.

This allows us time to consult with the client and also prepare things at our end to assure a smooth transition for you the client.


Steps involved in the process:

  1. If you would like to amend or cancel a subscription with Agentpoint then you are required to fill in this form here


  1. We then have clients perform a quick survey around their experience with Agentpoint.


  1. We will then contact the client via telephone to confirm their cancellation and to explain the process around moving their product (if applicable) and when their subscription will be adjusted.


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