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How effective is email marketing in the real estate industry?

We’ve heard the saying before that “email is dead”, well is it really?

Let’s investigate further.

In a study released by OptinMonster in 2016 it found that email is the most effective way to reach your audience and results in a better return-on-investment.


  1. Email has 2.6 billion users globally while social media has 1.7 billion
  2. Each day the first channel users check daily is email 58% and social media 11%
  3. In relation to who is more likely to convert and make a purchase 66% make a purchase as a result of an email campaign where as just 20% because of a social campaign
  4. In relation to organic search 79% of users receive content from email while a staggering 1% receive this via social.
  5. When asked what channels users prefer to receive messages from brands 77% prefer email while 4% preferred social.


So these stats really speak for themselves and demonstrate the benefit of email. Obvious this benefit will only be realised if you have a clear content marketing strategy and your audience sees value in the communication you send.


Does it mean you shouldn’t use social media at all? Never, social media is a valuable tool you can use to drive users to useful content on your website. There you need to capture their email address and then start communicating with them via email.

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