May Featured Sites: Cobden & Hayson and Follett & Co. - Agentpoint

Cobden & Hayson: Here at Agentpoint, we know the agency’s reputation; progressive, straightforward and community oriented, and we know how to convey those qualities through a website.

For their customer site we developed basic navigation and clean, visually pleasing pages. It’s an exciting time for c&h with the launch of their fifth and sixth offices in Marrickville and Surry Hills and Agentpoint is pleased to be part of their journey.


Follett & Co.: As a boutique and personal service oriented business, Follett & Co. asked Agentpoint to create a site with a fresh look and exceptional usability.

We went above and beyond and delivered this stunning site built with responsive web design.The best part of this site? It’s a hybrid, so your agency can use it as a customisable template!



Ryan O'Grady

About Ryan O'Grady

Founding and operating digital web services businesses, Ryan has a passion for technology and over 10 years experience delivering online services to the classifieds verticals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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