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We are often asked why we chose WordPress as our CMS. Previously we used a proprietary product. It stood well for a period of time, however as it was only a basic system we decided to look around for alternatives. We came across WordPress and once we tested some development we knew it was the system for us. Flexible, extendible and with 1000’s of developers using the software, it just made sense.

WordPress is now pretty much the number one choice worldwide for blogging and extendible CMS systems and our decision has been vindicated not only by the core software but by the company it keeps.

Coca Cola, eBay, Ford, Times, Xerox General Motors, Sony BMG, CNN, New York Times and Sony Playstation all use the WordPress technologies for various business arms.

Even if you just want ot start a simple blog, it is hard to go past WordPress.

Ryan O'Grady

About Ryan O'Grady

Founding and operating digital web services businesses, Ryan has a passion for technology and over 10 years experience delivering online services to the classifieds verticals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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