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Further to last month’s post regarding our new Slide Show property image software we have created other software which allows videos to be viewed through the Slide Show. Similar to the software YouTube uses our software allows real estate agents to upload videos up to 10MB in size to our server. Our video crunching software will then convert the video into a flash file which can quickly be streamed and viewed through the Slide Show software exactly the same as on YouTube.

This is great for real estate agents as they can now provide property seekers with exclusive virtual tours or can market their agency’s strengths to property vendors.

Contact Agentpoint about integrating this fantastic software into your website.

Ryan O'Grady

About Ryan O'Grady

Founding and operating digital web services businesses, Ryan has a passion for technology and over 10 years experience delivering online services to the classifieds verticals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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