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It is a general consensus that real estate agents have the worst logos out of any major industry group that has a mature online presence. Looking at a list of agents on any portal and you will soon see that agent logos are in general an eyesore.

Franchise groups top out as the worst in my opinion. There seems to be a lack of innovation in both font use and colours for logos. Oh and if I see another roof in a logo I am going to on a rampage!

To me a logo should be clean and clear with a crisp use of colours. A good starting point should be Kuler for your colour scheme and there are many professional logo designers out there. A logo does not have to describe anything, it just has to be a clear indication of your company, it does not even have to be relevant.

Great logos, are logos that a person sees once and takes in information, so that when they see it again they know who it represents, that’s all, nothing more!

Ryan O'Grady

About Ryan O'Grady

Founding and operating digital web services businesses, Ryan has a passion for technology and over 10 years experience delivering online services to the classifieds verticals in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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